quick whitening

30 Minutes | $99
2-3 shades brighter smile. This is great for maintenance or touch up whitening!

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regular whitening

45 Minutes | $125
This is great for anyone in good dental health. Noticeably brighter smile up to 5 shades brighter.

deluxe whitening

60 Minutes | $150
Our best teeth whitening package for heavy smokers & tea/coffee drinkers. This will bring your teeth up to 12 shades brighter!

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Am i a good candidate?

The ideal candidate for teeth whitening is someone who is in good dental health, has general tooth discoloration and stains, understands the pros and cons of treatment and has realistic expectations of results. 

WHAT ABOUT After care?

Following the "white diet" is recommended for 24-48 hrs after your treatment. ( if the food would stain a white shirt don't eat it). After your treatment the pores of your teeth are left open an more susceptible to staining. You can resume normal food habits after 48 hours.

Do's and Dont's

• DO consume clear fluids like water, sparkling water, milk, clear liquors etc
• DO consume food without color like white rice, chicken, turkey, cauliflower, potatoes etc.
• DON'T consume beverages with dark or staining colors like red wine, coffee, teas, cokes, fizzy drinks, energy drinks, dark beer, dark liquors etc.
• DON'T consume beverages with a lot of acidity like orange juice, lemonade etc.
• DON'T consume foods with a lot of color like red pasta sauce, spinach, carrots, chocolates, beets etc.

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