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We are now offering Pregnancy Massage through our licensed massage therapist, Ghari! Pregnancy massage has numerous benefits for the mother, including but not limited to: mind and body relaxation, relief of pregnancy aches and pains, reduce anxiety and improve sleep. Not pregnant? We also offer regular massage therapy as well. Check out our massage offerings below!


Deep tissue Massage

30 minutes | $50.00
60 minutes | $85.00
90 minutes | $120.00

30 minutes | $50.00
45 minutes | $75.00
60minutes | $99.00
90 minutes | $130.00

Trigger Point Therapy

This massage is aimed toward decreasing tension within the deeper muscle tissue to rid the body of tight muscle bands that limit your range of motion. It is most beneficial from relief of muscle pain.

This is a highly specialized type of massage known as Neuro-muscular therapy. It directs pressure to specific knots within the muscle tissue that cause you pain. The therapist applies direct pressure to the adhesion until it dissipates and the result is greater movement capabilities and reduced pain.

Prenatal Massage

30 minutes | $60.00
45 minutes | $75.00
60 minutes | $90.00

30 minutes | $75.00

Lipo/Lymphatic Massage

During pregnancy extra weight or stress from daily task causes extra stress on the body. We utilize a preg-pillow on the massage table that has indentations for breast and abdomen which allows mom to lay face down comfortably.

The pressure of this massage is light and directed toward your lymphnodes to drain the excess fluid from your body. Enjoy renewed energy and better health benefits from this specialized massage as a series of treatments. 3 Treatments/ week for 2 weeks, 2/ week for 2 weeks then 1/ week for 2 weeks. Discounts added for a series purchase all at once.

Scar Mobilization

30 minutes | $75.00


Customized treatment per each patients needs. Potential release of medical information needed to better confirm treatment plan

Cupping | $30.00
Hot Stones | $25.00
Aromatherapy | $25.00

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